Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thailand Colorful Banks' Extraordinary Services

I am so amazed not only of the stunning branding colors of ATMs and banks here in Thailand but also of their extraordinary services. Our university has affiliation with three top banks- green and blue (for payroll) and yellow (for check issuance). Can you guess which banks are these below? Each bank offers different services according to the needs of the clients. These convenient and efficient services include money transfers  to the same or other banks any time, some with free SMS notification, bill payments, cash and check deposits and passbook update. In the fast-paced and crowded world, these services are must-haves.You don't have to queue at the banks during banking hours for ages just to pay your bills or transfer money especially if it's urgent. Most banks here have 24/7 services as they have provided Cash/Check Deposit Machines (CDMs), Passbook Update Machines (PUMs or UPMs) aside from ATMs. So if you need to deposit fund for your check  issuanceon that day and the bank has already closed, you can run to the nearest CDM of your bank to avoid penalty.

Most banks here also offer Internet services so you can do transactions at the comfort of your home - anytime. Even if RP's leader Metrobank has e-services,  we can't transfer money  from home except for bill payments and the leading credit cards there don't have online balance inquiries. So I really wish that Filipinos will enjoy these convenient bank services very soon. Check out below which color of bank your choice is.

                                 Bank of Ayudhya  has ATM, ADM (Automated Deposit Machine) and UPD or Passbook  Update as well as Western Union so OFWs love it. It also automatically notices its clients of any deposits and withdrawals made in their account through SMS. Its Visa Electron card does not charge the user for withdrawals made abroad.
Kasikorn Bank has similar features as Ayudhya's as it also has UPM and CDM. In terms of payrolls, it is more efficient than Bangkok Bank. Its ATMs are everywhere.
Thai Military Bank is still trying to keep up with the top banks in terms of UPD and CDM.
Very colorful GH Bank
The bright pink Government Savings Bank
Bangkok Bank is one of the top Thai banks. It has CDM, UPD and e-banking services, too. Its ATMs are all around even in the provinces. BB has recently opened Western Union in some of its branches following Bank of Ayudhaya and Siam City Bank (red).
Siam Commercial Bank's customer service including its call center is one of the best in the country.Its ATMs, passbook update and cash/check deposit machines can be seen everywhere. SCB's ATM language shift to English though should be pressed three times while others only once.
Extraordinary bank services make our life more convenient and more productive as we can use our time doing other things instead of long queuing and traveling just to pay our bills or to transfer money. Thanks to technology advancement.


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