Saturday, October 24, 2009

Somtam Polamai: A great and nutritious appetizer

I love the creativity of Thais in about anything. Be it in landscapes, in fashions or food. As a food-lover who has developed a standard not only in terms of nutritional values and tastes but also in food presentation,  I always observe how Thai food is being garnished and presented on the table. If we talk about food, I want to combine aesthetics and health considerations. Take a look at this!

The color combination is inviting itself, isn't it? It's called "Somtam Polamai" or sweet and sour mixed fruits salad like the "papaya somtam" with manaw (lemon) juice, nam pla (fish sauce) and Thai caramel made from sugary palm. Fresh fruits include dragon fruit, guava, cantaloupe, papaya, tomato, etc. and sprinkled with broiled peanuts and shredded carrots. Great and nutritious appetizer!

P.S. If you don't like it spicy, tell the waiter/waitress when ordering "mai sai phet" or don't put any chili. If you just tell them "not spicy", it may be served with a chili or two as it is not usually spicy to them. For them it's "tasteless".


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