Monday, February 22, 2010

Selling Fresh Fruits the Thai Way

This is one unique way of selling a variety of fresh fruits on wheels- either bicycle or motorcycle- here in Thailand. Vendors make the fruits as attractive as possible by making various fruits match well in terms of colors- such as red watermelon or dragon fruit (on top of guavas) is usually fore-fronted. They also fill the glass cubicles with ice to keep the fruits fresh and cold for buyers to be refreshed especially on a hot day.
 Pineapple, papaya and guava on the side view
The vendor slices and deseeds the watermelon.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unwinding at Bangsaen Beach

It's summer time and going to the beach is one of the loved activities. Bangsaen Beach in Chonburi Province, just a two-hour ride from Bangkok, is  one of the favorite destinations here in Thailand not only in summer but whole year round.

What a great bonding time for this couple simply relaxing at the beach with their folding chair and bed! Guess what time of the day it is from the shadow? Mid-day. Lovers at mid-day with latte and nuts to share with each other while lazily gazing at the vast ocean and boundless horizon.
Lots of umbrella cottages but they prefer their own shade under the coconut tree.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Thailand's Hottest Red Light Zone - Walking Street in Pattaya

"You've never been to Bangkok if you did not visit Patpong", so they say. And "you've not been to Thailand if you  did not see the Walking Street of Pattaya". What's really in there? I was curious so hubby and I went there 3 years ago to take a look and just last week, I went there again after an out-of-town duty - for the sake of blogging. I can't hang around and seem to breathe in such a crowded and noisy place. What's in this street that tourists of all kinds even retired farangs (foreigners) love to stay in this famous red light city, Pattaya? Is it true that it's mainly because of the allurements on Walking Street as people say? I asked some farangs there and they say "yes". Scroll down. Will you have fun in such a place?
Red lights all around
Sexy girls and gays
The name! And cheap draft beer...
Cheaper draft beer than at Lollipop's with young promo girls
50% off massage and what else?
The cheapest draft beer on promo
All kinds of entertainment there is
Or Lucifer? What do you think these names suggest?
Wanna try smoking from a water pipe?
They're enjoying the large water pipe for smoking.
Don't tell mama I'm here...

This is just another side of Thailand and I don't really believe that you haven't been to Thailand if you haven't visited this place. There's a lot more interesting places here.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Chinese New Year on Valentine's Day

Valentine and Chinese New Year chandeliers at Central Rama 2, Bangkok
Chinese New Year this year, the Year of the Tiger,  falls on Valentine's Day so many Thai-Chinese have a dual celebration with lots of reds.
 I was in Pattaya last week and I found out that Central Festival has the same motiff.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Generous Firetree

This is such a generous fire tree. It doesn't mind hosting a lot of parasites - ferns of different kinds - that add to its beauty.
A closer look at its flowers
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