Monday, February 1, 2010

The Generous Firetree

This is such a generous fire tree. It doesn't mind hosting a lot of parasites - ferns of different kinds - that add to its beauty.
A closer look at its flowers
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Manang Kim said...

Really wow!! The name speaks for itself too fire tree. I like that flowers to fall down and love to do macro shots ^_^

My red shoes

Joops said...

That's a beauty!

Our Mini Date

gemini said...

woowwww.....just Amazing Thailand. We visited your place and I was so tongue tied with the beauty of your place. As a family we enjoyed your botanical gardens, pagodas, elephants, the tuktok...we enjoyed riding on this, the,hot, but enjoyed all of it. We are definitely coming back soon. thanks for dropping by my blog, see you soon.

nice A said...

@Manang Kim and Joops, thanks for stopping by:)

nice A said...

@gemini, thanks for all your positive comments about Thailand. Yes, it's indeed, a place worth visiting. When are you coming back?

Marice said...

love your description! you are right so cute!

u may view mine here

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss A! sensya na ngayon lng ako nka-visit back.. Busy na for Fifi's party... Thanks for the visits..


Dhemz said...

hello teA...musta na po! am back..finally....:) sensya na po at ngayon lang me naka dalaw....musta na po?

daan lang me here a little quick...have to blog hop muna..dami ko na kasi absences sa blog land...miss you te...ingat po!

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