Saturday, October 24, 2009

Balut in Thailand?

 Balut in Thailand, are you kidding?But why are these baluts refrigerated? No, they're not from the Philippines! They're from Aranya Pratit, in the border of Thailand and Cambodia. So we refrigerate them to preserve them longer as their source is quite far. So you may ask how much each costs? It used to be sold at only 20 baht (70 cents) for 3 pieces but now due to many Filipinos who have discovered it and hoarding it, the price has now been increased to 8 baht per piece.
Balut is 6-19 day-old chick in an incubated duck egg known for its nutritional value. It is said to be an energy-booster food and is good for those who have been sick of dengue to increase the blood platelets.
In Thailand, balut is called khai luuk.I wonder though why it's not produced and sold here in Bangkok where there are a lot of Filipinos as number one customers. Producers and sellers, anyone? A great business opportunity awaits as the number of Pinoys here is growing. However, most Bangkokians I've asked never heard about it. Probably, it's produced in Cambodia that's why it's sold in the border.


scribbler said...

why don't you start it? I can give you some capital maybe LOL Just kidding...
I didn't know it was recommended for dengue patients. Might I have to do a research 'bout it. Hmm you make me think..

nice A said...

sorry haven't noticed your comment before. hahaha, you like to invest for balut here? i didn't know that you now got an interest for biz.
don't you know that in pinas even doctors recommend that patients should eat balut when they suffer from dengue. it's good though to research about it. pls let me know that results of your research, okay?

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