Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turtle as a Symbol of Long Life

Have you seen turtles as big as the size of a car's tire? Here in Thailand, you can see them in the ponds, swamps, lakes or canals anywhere. Animals are highly respected here so they grow really old until they just die especially turtle which is believed to be the symbol of long life. Scientifically, turtles and tortoises can live up to 150 years. So some Thais do the merit by buying small turtle to release into the pond or any body of water where it can survive for long years as they believe that it will bless them with long life by doing so in return.

My kids took these photos at Dusit Zoo close to the King's Palace in Bangkok.

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nuts said...

really? i really didn't know that turtle symbolizes life! nice, almost the same with my WW, :D !!! great capture of turtles!

FaYe said...

HI! nice, pls visit my blog and grab ur award. have a nice day!

nice A said...

@nuts, yes, it is a symbol of long life here in the land of smiles:)

FaYe said...

HI! nice, I posted the award in this blog:

eileeninmd said...

Nice bit of info on the turtles. Your children did great.

My Family Daily Adventure said...

cute turtles ...dami.

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