Thursday, January 7, 2010

Experiencing Nature and Thai Hospitality in Easternmost Thailand

The summer of 2008 was one of our family's best family experiences. Aside from our country-hopping from Thailand to Malaysia then Singapore, we got invited by a Thai friend at her hometown in Trat, the easternmost province at the border of Cambodia, about 400 kilometers from Bangkok. In Thai culture, guests are never invited to a Thai house or family unless they are so close with one another. So I felt so surprised and honored that I and my family got this very rare opportunity. And look, we had a real experience of a traditional Thai house! Believe me, one teak wood post alone costs about 500,000 baht (about US$15,000.). So count the posts of the entire big house. Every piece of furniture of this magnificent house is exquisitely made from the very rare and expensive teak as well.
Trat serves as a major producer of fruits in Thailand. So we enjoyed our hosts' own farm harvests. Who could resist the finger licking fruit? It's the fruit that smells like hell but tastes like heaven. Guess what it is? durian! And theirs is a rare variety. Oh, it's so creamy and sweet! The whole family enjoyed picking rambutans, longgans and lanzones from their hundreds of acres of fruit trees. They also have the green sweet mango so famous in Thailand.

 What surprised my kids most is the very vast farm of cashews. They knew cashew-nut as they're both monsters of it but they'd never seen cashew fruit tree before. They could not believe that Auntie Ying, an only child, owns all those 5 wide farms we visited.

Cashew tree

My friend Ying's dad is showing my son how rubber sap is collected from the tapped rubber tree before it is made into a tire.

Trat also offers delightful scenery and a tranquil hideout for nature-lovers.On our third day there, the last day of Songkhran Festival, our gracious hosts took us to a beach at the border of Cambodia. To our excitement, we all walked around the very fine white sand beach before we finally dipped ourselves into the pristine water.

Our generous hosts also took us around Koh Chang where we had the chance to view the beautiful sunset. Then finally, they toured us around the area's Nature Park.

Sunset at Koh Chang (Elephant Island, Trat)
The trip was long, about 6 hour-ride, but the great experience and unsurpassed hospitality was more than worth it. We got back to Bangkok soooooo refreshed and filled with memories to cherish!


kathy said...

Wow! Mahal naman ng teak post Miss A! I enjoyed viewing your pics talaga.. Sarap kaya ng mga prutas jan.. ur very lucky kasi kaibigan mo ang may-ari nyan..

Hay sana mka-visit kami jan someday... It's so nice to experience different cultures... Lalo na jan sa thailand kasi vey rich ang culture nila..


nice A said...

@kathy, thanks. you're welcome here all the time. just tell me kelan kayo punta pra arrange tayo ng tour niyo. ganda punta dito april or may di ako gaano busy at dami fruits.

Dhemz said...

my gosh...looks like you guys had a blast....:) ang saya saya ng pics....super lucky nyo nman te....super bongacious yung of my dream houses...made of wood...ehehehe!

nice A said...

Dhemz, sabay kayo nila kathy punta dito, hehehe! at puntahan natin yang bahay na yan. ganda-ganda tlga!

Dorothy L said...

What a very educational and exciting post. Thank you so much for sharing. I was amazed myself at the cashew trees and also the cost involved in the construction of their homes in Thailand.

Most interesting !

aaaaaa said...

Pls come n give me your $$mile...TQ

nice A said...

@Dorothy L, thanks for your visit. You're one of the bloggers I really adore in terms of commenting.
Hugs and blessings to you!

kathy said...

I showed hubby th epics Miss A para maingganyong pumunta jan.. nyahahaha... Mahilig din kasi sya to explore asian cultures... Nagtatanong na kung ano ang value ng american dollar jan, baka nga someday, mpapayag ko na bumisita kami jan... Sana.. hehehe

Salamat naman na darating na ang nanny ni jako... Mahirap po talaga maging working mom sa abroad kaya kahit gusto kong magtrabaho, I just stay at home with my kids kasi mahirap pong mkakita ng yaya na maasahan dito...


nice A said...

@kathy, sige convince mo pa hubby mo. malapit na yan papayag. 1 USD is 34 Thai Baht. So sige prepare na at lipad kayo dito. I-arrange ko kayo ng pinakamura at magandang guesthouse as in di aabot ng 2000 baht one night 3 bedroom apartment at pwede na kayo magluto parang apartelle.

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