Saturday, November 7, 2009

Place for shopaholic and night-life lovers to stay in Chiangmai

As I promised to have a series of posts about interesting things in the north of Thailand, here  I go on with it. Here's a great place to stay in case you have the chance to travel to the north. I and my team were booked at Lotus Hotel Pang Suan Kaew which offers a very low rate ranging from ranging from 1,180 (US$37)-2750 ($86) baht per room including ABF. But the main reason my Thai colleagues chose it was its perfect location and amenities. Last year, we stayed at a Thai-style hotel away from the city so we had to spend much for the transportation in going downtown especially to the night market, restaurants, massage parlors and the internet. Lotus Hotel has pickup service from the airport to the hotel (for FREE!) so it's quite convenient for us.

You will also feel relaxed with the cool view overlooking the beautiful mountain from your room.

And for tourists who love to shop for local or Thai products, a bazaar that has a wide variety of quality but inexpensive goods is just on the hotel's ground floor. Check out in the next posts what these interesting Thai or local products right at the hotel are. Central Department Store is also a walking distance away in case you need something. For those who want to connect to their loved ones while away from home, a nice but cheap internet cafe that opens until 2:00 AM is just around the corner. The hotel also offers a ride for only 20 baht per person going to the night bazaar downtown. Although the hotel is not new and the buffet breakfast is not that excellent compared to other hotels in Chiangmai, the service is good, the rooms are clean and well-decorated, the price is fair and the location is really traveler-friendly.


kathy said...

Wow Miss A! GAnda tlaga jan ano? I am already bugging hubby to drop by there when we go to the Philippines for a vacation 2 years from now. He kinda agreed but I know with a little prodding and lambing, he will definitely say yes.. I have plenty of time to convince him... LOL

Sana we get to meet too.. Have a safe trip dearest sis...

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