Sunday, March 14, 2010

Exotic Thai Crispies

Have you ever tasted any of these crispies? If you visit Thailand, you may try some. They can be found on streets. On the top left is golden brown silkworm. On top right is yellow silkworm larvae. Yes, silkworm that feeds on mulberry leaves. All these are fried crisply and sprinkled with salt and spices. Below (right) is mole cricket caught from rice fields when farmers harrow the soil. Such yummy creepers! (Sorry for the quality of this photo.)

Closer view of fried silkworm. Wanna try? Said to be a good source of protein. I'll dare to try it if I'm ready.

No, these are not large cockroaches! These are water bugs. Dare to try it? I haven't yet.
Here are pests turned into food. Fried grasshoppers for dinner, anyone? Also eaten in the Philippines.
Crickets are known edible even in Bible times. Yummy!
See what kind of bug it is.

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Vernz said...

I love exotic food .... we just don't have the resources in the Phils. for silkworm larvae but I love to try one of these ...

Mine is up too!

In This Side of Town
Anything Davao

nice A said...

@Vernz, good to hear you like exotic food. Haven't seen silkworm in Pinas as well. Thanks for stopping by. I'll go see yours.

Marites said...

wooooh...those are really interesting :) I did try the grasshopper when i was a kid years ago. it was crispy LOL!

my mym is up here.

Marice said...

awww looks interesting but i dont think i can eat these heheh :)

followed u sis.. hope ull do the same :)

u may view mine here

Tetcha said...

Interesting! I hope we can travel to Thailand to taste these exotic food. By the way, this blog is already in my list of "Interesting Sites." Have a great day!

nice A said...

@marites, so you found grasshopper crispy, hahaha!
I've tried crickets but never to eat its rough legs again. I did remove only the wings but not the legs but not good for the throat if you're not used to them, hehehe!

nice A said...

@marice, thanks for adding. I'll do the same today.
@Tetcha, sure, let me know when you wanna come and I'll show you around with all this interesting exotic food. Thanks for adding me, dear:)

Naturedigital said...

Beautiful blog also.. and nice pictures..
It is allways nice to find out about other peoples cultures...
Now i ll be following both your blogs if you dont mind..
Have a nice day..

nice A said...

@Naturedigital, yes, it's always good to know about other people's culture. Sure, we can follow each other. My pleasure. I'll go sign in at your blog now.

Dhemz said...

oh mama mia.....hahahhaha...never have this is my life...masarap ba to te? ehhehehe!

thanks for sharing....musta na po?

Lydia said...

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