Sunday, April 11, 2010

On the other side of Bangkok

Trying to avoid the red-shirt infested area downtown, we still enjoyed the weekend bonding as a family just close by. We had a sumptuous dinner at HotPot Buffet at Central Rama 2 and walked around the plaza. We were supposed to let the kids feed fish at the pond here but sad to say the mall closed at 8:00 PM so we had to rush going to another mall instead to buy our groceries. Just the same, the mall we went to closed at 9:30 instead of the usual 11:00 PM. Again, it's all due to the political unrest. We're lucky we're on the other side of Bangkok, across Chao Phrya River as we're not so much affected with the rallies downtown. For many days, major malls downtown such as Siam Paragon, Central World, Siam Discovery, etc.  temporarily closed causing so much losses. As I don't frequent going downtown except if necessary, I was shocked that I was asked to get off the taxi last week when the protesters blocked the road to my destination. Luckily, there's BTS (sky train) as an option for my return. I should have walked far like my other friends did. I never knew the protesters moved downtown. But for many friends who are asking and worried of us here, FYI not the entire Bangkok is really affected. We still go to work and do our routines here as usual because our area is very peaceful.

Hope the Songkhran Festival, the Thai New Year celebration, even if canceled in some places will go on in our area being a bit far from the protesters so that I can post fresh photos here. Definitely, the celebration in Khaosan, famous for tourists, has been canceled as it is close to the protest areas.


nuts said...

dropping by.. just read your post and understand how the other side of Bangkok is going thru.. nice photo btw.

nice A said...

@nuts, lucky to be at the other side of Bangkok but pity for those who are affected. We just pray that all this will soon end.

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